Alketas Panagoulias

Alketas Panagoulias (Meritorious Service) - Inducted 2009

Alkis was born in Greece and was an international soccer player with Aris F.C. Thessaloniki, Greece.  In 1958 he was named “Most Valuable Player”.  He became the head coach of the Hellenic Soccer Team of New York, and then head coach of the Greek American Soccer Team of New York, which was the USA Champion for three years. In 1983, after several years of coaching Greek teams, Alkis coached the NASL’s Team America, which was based in Washington, DC.  The following year, he coached the United States team in the Olympics and, in 1995, at the World Cup qualifiers.  He returned to Olympiakos, which won two more Greek Championships, and then to Aris, Thessaloniki.  In 1992 Alkis was named head coach of the National Team of Greece, which participated in the 1994 World Cup.  He currently is a FIFA Instructor on the Technical Committee.