Everett Germain

Everett Germain (Meritorious Service) - Inducted 2001

Germain is one of the true pioneers in Virginia Soccer, called the “father of youth soccer in Northern Virginia”. Active in the sport for 38 years, he founded one of the first premier soccer clubs in the area, the Annandale Boys and Girls Club, and was instrumental in launching Montgomery Soccer (MSI), Sterling Youth Soccer, Lee-Mt. Vernon Soccer Association, National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) and Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS). He also started Women’s College soccer in Virginia. Germain remains active as the Annandale club’s President. He worked with the Washington Darts in the early 1960’s to develop the club’s youth team, the “Junior Darts”, and founded soccer’s first apprenticeship program connecting youth soccer and Northern Virginia Community College. Germain developed numerous NCAA Division I and National Team players and was instrumental in enlisting top European coaches, such as Will Coerver, to develop our soccer programs