Richard White

Richard White (Veterans Service) - Inducted 2006

 Richard was born in England and moved to the United States after World War II.  He served in Suwon, Korea in 1951 - 1952.  He had soccer balls shipped to him to kick around with the local children which he gifted to them when he returned home.  He played soccer at the University of Florida from 1956-1960. In 1961, he played with the British Lions in Washington, DC, and several other teams, and finished his playing career with the Annandale “over 30 gang” in 1991. Richard began his coaching career in 1967 with the Annandale Boys Club 1964 Rebels/Apprentices, who in 1982 won the Maguire Cup in Omaha. He also coached many teams in Annandale, Vista, Braddock Road, Fredericksburg, and Stafford. From 1979 through 1983, Richard coached U16 Boys, U18 Girls, and U16 Girls State Select teams that participated in Region I competition. He retired to Tennessee, where he currently coaches the Adamsville High School boys’ and girls’ soccer teams, as well as Parks and Recreation Department soccer teams.  He is in his 48th year coaching soccer.